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What Do Ontario Muslim Youth Feel About Ontario Elections?

The Muslim youth are the ones who will be upholding our values as Muslims in the upcoming future, InshAllah. Therefore, it is important that their current upbringing will lead to healthy and happy Muslim citizens, who openly express and practice their beautiful religion. By listening to their concerns, we may be able to create a world better catered for them. Some Muslim youth wish for a chance to express their opinions about the current elections which will be impacting their future. Here is what 4 Muslim Youth have to say about it.

Sumaira A. Grade 11:

I have been very interested in climate nowadays, especially regarding climate change. It is terrifying to me to think about how quickly our environment is changing globally and how little our province is working towards slowing its impacts. I have been trying my own ways to bring more awareness and action to climate change. For example, limiting my meat intake and using reusable things as much as I can. But, I would like to see bigger changes. The province can and should be responsible for how the plants and meat we eat are regulated by allowing more locally-grown food and locally-raised animals. And I do believe that they could help with increasing jobs in the green industry and so much more”

Leen Z. Grade 11:

“I have struggled with my hijab. I would love to wear it properly and truly express my religion but I am terrified. My city isn’t very familiar with the sight of Muslims and they can often come off as Islamophobic. Ever since the London family incident, I and my family have grown much wearier of our surroundings since we are so visibly Muslim. I hope this changes soon. Allowing for more awareness of different religions and traditions will help many feel more welcome here in Ontario. I wish for a world where people can accept people of any faith, especially Muslims in this secular side of the world.”

Mohammed B. Grade 9:

“My mom has had tooth pain for years now. Sometimes I watch how her tooth would hurt her so uncontrollably that she can’t work properly for the day. Every time I ask her to go to the dentist, she always responds with: ‘it’s too expensive. She’s even considered traveling overseas for a cheaper cost. My mother told me that her friend waited until the pain was so bad she had to be rushed to the Emergency Room which meant it was much cheaper. Apparently, many people have done this or considered doing it. Proper dental assistance for people over 18 years old would help her and others with similar problems so much, however, right now it is very difficult.”

Anonymous Muslimah, Grade 10:

“I work a part-time job to help my father with the bills. As immigrants to this country, it has been a struggle to keep up with the bills; I can’t imagine how my family would be able to afford university costs. On top of that, the prices have gone crazy high which means we cannot afford food and rent as easily as we used to. We have to cut costs every way we can and I’ve been picking every possible shift available. Since neither my father nor I can vote just yet since we’re not Canadian citizens and I’m not of age, I’m depending on others to help me and many other families just like mine who struggle to make ends meet.”

To Conclude, It’s a hard choice!

But it’s important to remember that our younger generations also require to be heard. If you are struggling to choose a candidate, think of other people who would be more impacted than you. Insha' Allah the candidate best for us will be chosen.

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