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Our Prophet Our Honour - PROGRAM
2:00 PM - GO LIVE 
2:05 PM - Quran Recitation
2:10 PM - Welcome & Opening Remarks 
2:15 PM - Shk. Musleh Khan - How and why the Prophet ﷺ  made a difference
2:30 PM - Imam Ibrahim Hindy - How the Prophet ﷺ treated his neighbors
2:45 PM - Sr. Amira Elghawaby - Walking in the Prophet's ﷺ footsteps: Responding to hate with love
3:00 PM - Q & A 
3:10 PM - Shk. Mehdi Tirkawi - Les implications de l'amour du Prophète ﷺ .
3:25 PM - Duaa 
3:30 PM - Seerah Quiz WIN PRIZES 
3:35 PM - End 

DawaNet is proud to host an Online Mini-Conference & Duaa event on Sunday, November 08th, 2020 entitled 'Our Prophet Our Honour'.

The event is being organized in response to the current climate that is unfolding globally involving attempts by some to dishonor and disrespect our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

The goal is to help spread a positive message about our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God be upon him) by sharing some of the many examples from his life that exemplify his amazing character, wisdom, tolerance, and mercy, both towards his own community, as well as towards humanity (and all of God's creation) at large.

The event will be held between 2:00 pm-4:00 pm (Eastern), via Zoom Meetings and broadcast LIVE on Facebook Live.

We look forward to seeing you, God Willing!

Visit our Facebook Events Page for More Details:

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