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Please join DawaNet and the Muslim community to remember the legacy and offer a Dua for the Maghfirah of this passionate community leader

Date: Friday, April 17, 2020
Time: 5:30 pm Eastern


Siraj Thakor, President, American Federation of Muslims of Indian-Origin (AFMI)
Zeib Jeeva, President, International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF)
Imam Hamid Slimi, Sayeda Khadija Centre
Penny Fancy, Director, International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF)
Waseem Ahmed, President, Islamic Propagation Centre (Jame Masjid)
Mahmuda Khan, Executive Director, Human Concern International (HCI)
Dr.Cassim Degani, Surgeon & Humanitarian
Hanif Shaikh, ATM-Canada
Imam Nafees Bhayat, Islamic Propagation Centre (Jame Masjid)
Ayub Khan, Communications Consultant

On April 13, 2020, Br. Husain Ahmed Bhayat passed away after his battle with COVID-19, leaving behind a loving family and a bereaved community of individuals, volunteers, and leaders. He was a teacher, community builder, and a generous leader of the Muslim community in Canada.

Born in the 1930s in Bombay Presidency of the then British governed India he completed his education in Bombay. He arrived in the 1960s in Canada He initially worked at a hotel before embarking on a four-decade teaching career in Nova Scotia Public Schools. He moved to Mississauga after retirement and dedicated himself to community building. Jame Masjid Mississauga (Coopers), IDRF, AFMI, and several organizations were beneficiaries of his leadership and volunteerism. He always led from the front.

Husain Bhayat (who was affectionately called Husain Uncle by one and all) was a tireless and selfless supporter of charitable causes throughout the world---raising funds for William Osler and Trillium Hospitals, supporting schools in India, Haiti, Bangladesh, Pakistan, supporting clean water projects in the Middle East and Caribbean, sponsorship of Syrian refugees...There are too many to list.

Some of his Services  to the community include:
-Teacher- Diamond Jubilee School, Mumbai-India
-Principal-a High school in Kokan-India
-Manager- Jetha Drum, Mumbai-India
-Teacher-Sheet Harbour High school, Nova Scotia
-Trustee of Cooper Masjid
-Board of Director-HCI Canada.
(Established many activities in various part if India through HCI)
-IDRF supporter
-Former President of AMFI- Canada
-Advisor to ATM-CANADA
-Fundraised for Williams Osler Hospital in Brampton with Khadija Islamic Center
-Actively involved in bringing Syrian Refugees.
Big Supporter to:
-Lokhat  Hospital, Surat-India
-Sunni Surti Vihra Society, Surat-India
-Jamia Islamia Ishatul Uloom, Akkalkuwa-India
-Moeen Memorial Education Trust,Olpad-India
He was involved & was a supporter to 72 Charity Organizations. 

He will be greatly missed

May Allah SWT forgive all his shortcomings and elevate him in the hereafter. May He give Sabr-E-Jameel to the entire family left behind.. A'meen.
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