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Eid Mu-Broad-Cast Cash Giveaways Participation Instructions: 


  1. As of 9:30 am, please sign-in to zoom using this link (only the first 500 participants will be able to enter the room). 

  2. During the event, there will be 3 rounds of Kahoot, with cash prizes given at the end of each one. 

  3. At the beginning of each round, visit Kahoot.It and enter the game pin that the host provides you with (each round will have a different pin).

  4. When prompted by Kahoot, enter the e-mail address that you used for your zoom registration (this will help us connect you to your prize should you win!). 

  5. When creating your Kahoot username, be sure to use the same username for all 3 rounds.   

  6. During each round, questions will be displayed on zoom and you will select the answers on whichever device you have Kahoot.It open on. 

  7. The person who answers the questions accurately and the fastest will get the most points. 

  8. At the end of each round, a podium will display who the winners are. 

  9. The first two rounds are rapid-fire, short and sweet. The final round will have the grand cash prizes and will have more questions.  


Round 1 Kahoot: Rapid Fire

  • Prize: 

    • 1st place: $30

    • 2nd place: $25

    • 3rd place: $20

Round 2 Kahoot: Rapid Fire

  • Prize: 

    • 1st place: $30

    • 2nd place: $25

    • 3rd place: $20


Round 3 Kahoot: Grand Finale 

  • Prize: 

    • 1st place: $200 

    • 2nd place: $150

    • 3rd place: $100

    • 4th place: $75

    • 5th place: $50

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