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About us and Toronto are DawaNet Projects that utilizes the web and email to build bridges between the various Muslim organizations, centres, mosques, leaders, volunteers and

the community at large. the website is going to be free of charge to everyone.

we currently Post the latest Muslim Community events and news on our Social Media platforms and

we also send out a monthly highly anticipated e-newsletter, that reaches out to several thousand

individuals, families, and institutions across Canada.

This is just a demo website and the final website will go LIVE soon !

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Volunteer    With Us

Are you a Blogger, Content Creator, Social Media Ninja, Video Maker, or Graphic Designer and looking forward to connecting Muslims from coast to coast?

Then your Place is with us!

You will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, use your experiences to support the Muslim community, Gain thawab, and have references to add to your resume.


Sign up now to be a part of this great initiative Today!

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